This is a Now 1 page. Here you can learn about what I’m up to these days.


What’s On MUBI

I’m currently in the process of redesigning and rewriting What’s On MUBI from scratch. I’ll be using:


Things I’m currently trying to get better at.


Up until recently, I was mostly working in PHP, Python and JavaScript. I chose Rust for my next programming language to get into because it opens up new horizons for me. I’m no longer “locked” to the web platform!

Other benefits include:

  • Great performance resulting in ✨ blazingly fast ✨ code.
  • Helpful compiler messages.
  • Excellent tooling like the Clippy Linter.

If you’re interested, you can check out the excellent Rust videos from No Boilerplate


I’ve recently switched from VSCode to Neovim.

I was using the Vim extension on VSCode for quite some time so I got used to Vim motions which made the switch easier.

I’ve decided to make the jump because I started working on a major upgrade for What’s On MUBI recently using TailwindCSS in the front end, the editing experience got clunky all of a sudden after installing Tailwind IntelliSense, I’m guessing the combination of extensions I was using resulted in poor performance overall.

Instead of spending the time trying to resolve the issue, I’ve just decided to make the jump to Neovim, which I’ve been putting off for quite some time anyway.

Coming across chris@machine’s video series “Neovim from Scratch” was a major contributing factor to make the switch.

I’ll be publishing a blog post soon detailing my journey in making the switch.